8 मुखी रुद्राक्ष/ Aath Mukhi/ Eight Faced Rudraksha – Lab Certified



The eight Faced Rudraksha leads the eight directions and the eight siddhis.

100% Genuine, Lab Certified and Authentic
Divine Connection:
Lord Bhairav Baba
Add-On Facilities:
A loop on both sides and black thread for easy wear, Lab Certificate
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The eight Faced Rudraksha leads the eight directions and the eight siddhis. Wearing this Rudraksh gives virtue like bathing in the Gangas. The lord of eight Mukhi Rudraksha is the planet Rahu. It is believed that Bhairav Baba is pleased with this law-abiding and purifying Rudraksha. Wearing this Rudraksha on Monday, Amavasya or full moon day is considered auspicious.

Benefits of eight Mukhi Rudraksha

* Those who are having troubles due to Rahu’s condition in their horoscope, wearing it gives them success and peace.

Wearing this Rudraksha completely removes fear and fear of premature death.

By wearing Rudraksha with eight faces, a person becomes full and joins Shankar’s ganas after death.

Mantra of 8 Mukhi Rudraksha

 For the eight Mukhi Rudraksha, you should chant the mantra “Om Hoon Namah” (Om Hum Namah).

Origin of Rudraksha: Nepal

Note: The product contains a loop on both the sides and a Red thread is provided along with it for easy wear.

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